The engine roars, and we wave goodbye.

It has been a hectic month working tirelessly on the Apache truck in order to make the deadline we originally set.  After working through many technological hurdles trying to get the engine management system to communicate effectively with the ECU, the engine finally came to life sending thunderous joyful exhaust notes through the Stevinson Chevrolet service shop.  It was a great feeling and a true accomplishment for the technicians who stayed after work, week after week in order to complete the truck.  After going over the truck one more time to ensure our high standards were met, we loaded the truck into the hauler so Wyotech can finish the bodywork and paint.

Here is the video of the engine starting and some shots of the interior and dash.

The video of the technicians sending the truck off.  One of them drove the truck up to the trailer, and the other drove it into the trailer.  A reward for the hard work they put into this project.

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