Progress on Captain Hays Apache

Hello everyone.  The Apache is making progress!


We have made great strides lately with the help of some amazing community members.  A special thanks must go out to Maxair in Englewood, Advance Auto Parts in Golden, and Performance Radiator.  The engine and transmission have been mounted in the truck, and are looking great Water Park.


In an effort to keep the calvary theme apparent in all aspects of the truck, we chose subtle upgrades like painting the engine block yellow, and adding yellow spark plug wires.


When we first envisioned the completed Apache, we knew it was going to be special.  In the interest of making this truck not only look great, but perform well for Bruce’s wife and kids, we chose to upgrade major components using modern technology.  Vehicles from the 50′s, did not have the same technology as the cars on the road today.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t integrate that technology on the Apache so that it has the same safety and comforts of modern vehicles.

Jim Worden, owner of Maxair in Englewood, volunteered his own time and labor to install the heat/air conditioning system and power steering lines.  His work is impeccable and without his help, the Apache would not be this far along in the build.  Thank you Jim!  The Apache will now stay very cool during the hot summer months and utilize the ease of power steering that we all take for granted.


Another person that has stepped up to further this project is Nick Wellmann of Advance Auto Parts in Golden.  He specked out the stainless steel braided fuel lines and multiple other items.  Nick has made several visits to our shop to help determine our parts needs and has done a tremendous job.  Thank you Nick!

As you can see the truck still needs much work and we are working fast.  The vendors and contributors of this project have been fantastic in understanding the time struggle on this project.  We continue to be amazed!

See the slideshow below for more pictures of the build.  Keep an eye for another update soon.

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