We would like to send out a special thanks to the people involved with this project.  This list will be updated often. These people have generously offered parts and services to help complete the restoration of Captain Hays’ pickup.  As a token of our sincere thanks, each contributor will receive a commemorative gift for being involved with the project.

“This is Rob Davenport from D&D Performance. I am emailing you because you talked to Thomas from Dynamik Auto Soundz We have the engine for the Apache at the machine shop. Carquest has donated all the machine work and Oreilly auto parts is donating the engine rebuild kit. We will assemble the engine and are available for install. Dynamik has a sound system donated and sitting here. Was wondering if it was possible to have the truck here at our shop for the engine install as well as the stereo”   -Rob Davenport, D&D Performance - Longmont, CO

“I have contacted 133rd many times. 4 of the business’s here are willing to help we are putting
together a transmission 350t with a converter for this family please return my E-Mail and let me know weather you need this before we go any further. Thank you” -Spc. Charles Dunsmoor - Mexico, MO

“I included a copy of the note that I posted on the Classic Chevrolet web-site concerning our wish to contribute something to the Hays Pick-up Project. My wife and I would like to send you a set of original 1959 Fleetside emblems. Please assist us in following through with this. If possible, would you please copy this note to the actual hands-on project manager in charge of restoration…? I would like to discuss other possible donations or components that may be needed….as I have extensive experience in restoration of items such as gauge clusters, heater assemblies, Delco Remy components….etc. I would also like to have your direct shipping address… we could send you the bed side emblems. I’ve attached a pic. of them and we would be honored if they were used on the Hays pick-up.If they do not make it on the truck we would be pleased to donate them to the auction. Thank you, My Wife & I sat here and watched this on Sunday morning… These are hard times for all of us, but things like this remind us of the reason that we are proud to be Americans. This Soldier is one of many thousands who have willingly taken the ultimate oath. After I am finished with this note, I’ll send a message to for their shipping info. While hunting for trim for my ’59 Apache 3800, I came across a near mint set of Fleetside script that I was going to peddle or trade, as our (my Wife’s) Truck won’t need…..being a flat-bed……. We looked as close as we could at the ‘before’ picture of their pick-up and it doesn’t look like the emblems were on there. So we were thinkin’……even if they raised enough funds to complete their rebuild, chances are that they may have had to resort to re-man emblems. We sure would be proud to have Bruce & Terry’s Pick-up sporting those OE, made in America, Fleetside emblems. And if for some reason, they don’t make it on the truck, they can be auctioned off and the funds can be applied elsewhere. Our prayers for the Hays’…….” -Les & Cathi Hunter – OR

“We would like to help with the truck project. We supply brake and fuel line and nuts and fittings for tubing. Please feel free to contact us for any materials needed for the truck. We can send tubing for auction also, but most people aren’t really looking to buy brake line tubing. :) Our sincere thanks to all of you, I look forward to hearing from you.” -Tim Beachboard, Federal Hill Trading Company ( - Oxford, MA

“My husband and I saw this story on 9News. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Captain Hays. The reason for this email is to see if you would have any interest in a: 400ci Chevy Small Block for the truck.” -Darin & Kari Harrington - Denver, CO

“My name is Chuy Nava. I work here at msd ignition. With the right information, I can try and get our marketing dept. to donate an ignition system to get the truck going.” -Chuy Nava, MSD Ignition

“I read about Captain Hays’ ordeal through an automotive forum. I’ve always been a proponent for supporting the troops and would like to help. I am a powder coater in College Station, TX, and thought I could offer to coat parts for the truck. I have a somewhat limited operation, so the things I can coat must fit inside my oven, which is 24″x28″x32″. If there are any pulleys, brackets, brake parts, engine parts, etc. that need coating, I would be happy to help. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.” -Wade Hilty - College Station, TX

“I have a used Chevrolet 383 cu. in. stroker engine long block to donate to this project if you will pay the freight. It have been sitting around for another project that unfortunately is still a ways off, and after seeing this story on 9news, I decided that this is a more pressing project.” -Dan Trujillo – CO

“So here is the list of things I’ve got: 2 pair of 6 1/2 components, 4 channel amp, Alpine deck, 2 10in subwoofers, Mono block amp to run the subwoofers, Kinetik battery to run truck and system, enough Hushmat to quiet the whole truck. All products donated by: RE Audio, Hushmat, Kinetik batteries, and Dynamik Auto Soundz Stereo and all the wiring. I’m looking forward to working with you and your company on this project. Thank you for your time.”  -Thomas Sweet, Dynamik Auto Soundz ( - Longmont, CO

Big-O Tires in Riverton, WY would like to get involved with the Apache project, offering wheels, tires, and possibly more. -Ryan Stewarts, BIg-O Tires – Riverton, WY

Ron Nelson and Auto Weave Upholstery of Denver, CO have offered to work on the interior of the Apache.

Dave & Jim from the Longmont Carquest are donating all the machine work for the engine

April & Rico from O’Reilly Auto Parts in Firestone, CO are graciously donating a full engine rebuild kit

“I have 5 of the small half moon Apache hubcaps if you need them.” -Curt August – CO

“Hi. My name is Tina Rinehart. I am a vet of the US Army and was a 63b (mechanic, light wheeled) and would like to assist you to complete the project. My condolences also go to the family. Please let me know how I can help. Thank you.” -Tina Rinehart – CO

LMC Truck (Lenexsa, KS) has provided parts for the Apache at a sizable discount.

Ben Moore of the Road Devils Car Club, Wyoming branch, has offered to use his contacts to help find parts and provide any other assistance they can.

” I have a engine rebuilding
shop in Casper. I would be more than happy to rebuild the engine, if
no one has already done that.” -Terry Dunn, Casper, WY

“K&N Custom Chrome housing with K&N Air Filter, size of your choice. Rocky Mtn Filter Supply is a MWD for K&N Engineering.” -Clayne Wardle of Rocky Mtn Filter Supply, LLC in Boise, ID

“I recently learned of your efforts to restore the 1959 Apache for the family of recently fallen hero, Bruce Hays. I have a great deal of respect for this cause and my company would like to participate if help is still needed. is an online supplier of performance parts and accessories. Our staff is comprised of real hands-on all-American automotive enthusiasts that take both pride and pleasure in providing best in class support to our customers. I would like to offer a $500 gift certificate and an ongoing 10% discount toward the acquisition of any parts we carry that might be of use in your restoration efforts. Thank you for supporting our military personnel in a memorable and meaningful way.” -Craig Schmutzler, General Manager, ( – Kansas City, KS

“We would like to offer a new gas tank for the 1959 Apache you are restoring. If you need one please contact us.” -David Bell, Quanta Products LLC. ( - Rising sun, MD

Chuck Goward, owner of the Boulder Meineke, will supply and install the exhaust system on the Apache.

Ken Miller of Erie Auto Salvage, Inc. has contributed two Apache seats at a sizable discount.

Jim Worden and Maxair Colorado will be installing the Power Steering lines, A/C lines, and Vintage Heating and A/C.