Contributor Spotlight — Dan Noyes

The restoration of Captain Hays’ Apache pickup would not be possible without the support and efforts of people in the community. One such person is Dan Noyes, CEO, President, and Owner of Basics Etc. Rocky Mountain Corporation. Basics supplies fasteners, fuses, connectors, hangers, and all the “stuff” required to put the Apache together.

Dan was born in Laramie, and his best friend was in one of the first graduating classes from WyoTech. Dan is also a veteran himself, having served in the United States Navy. Obviously, he was more than willing to help out with the project in any way he could.

Mike Schultz, Operations Manager for Stevinson Autmotive, knows Dan and was talking with him one day. Mike was talking about the project, and Dan replied, “Mike, just tell me what you need.”

Through the efforts of Dan, and so many other people who have left their mark on this project, Captain Bruce Hays’ dream will be made into reality.

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