Barbecue Recap and Project Update

The barbecue on Saturday, May 14th at Stevinson Chevrolet in Lakewood, CO was a terrific opportunity to finally meet the folks who have volunteered their resources and expertise to help in the completion of the Captain Hays Apache truck. It is obvious how much this project means to all of you. For instance, Stacy Morton huge water slides for sale, of the Friends of the 133rd, drove almost four hours from sunny Saratoga to rainy Lakewood with her mom and sons. Gary Puls and Wayne Feltz also made the long trek south from Wyoming just to meet everyone. If you would like to see more pictures, please click here to see the slide show of the event.

During the next two weeks, D&D Performance in Longmont will be installing the engine and transmission while Thomas Sweet of Dynamik Auto Soundz will be installing the sound and security systems. D&D Performance will also be celebrating its 10th anniversary with an open house and car show on Saturday, May 21st. They will be raffling off a transmission that has traveled all the way from Mexico, Missouri and was specially built in memory of Captain Hays, with all proceeds going to the Bruce Hays Memorial Scholarship Fund at WyoTech. Specialist Charles Dunsmoor, along with Pearl Motor Co., Danny Cuno, Melody’s, and Hervil’s Automatic Transmission Service, helped in the completion of the transmission. If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket for $5, please contact Rob Davenport at

The truck will be at D&D Performance until the week of May 30th, when it will be shipped back to Stevinson Chevrolet where our technicians will be busy installing the steering components, wiring harness, instrumentation, heating and air conditioning, wipers, and suspension. The truck will reside at the dealerhips until the end of July when it will return back to Gary Puls and WyoTech for the finishing touches.

Once again, thank you to everyone who came to the barbecue and to everyone who has supported the Captain Bruce Hays Apache Project.

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