Apache Project Progress

I want to give you all another update about the progress we are making with Captain Hays’ pickup. Here is an exchange I had with Gary Puls up at WyoTech:

Good morning Kent,

We just finished an interview/photo shoot for the Casper Star this morning that should run this weekend. 

Hey, I have to tell you that your people are on the ball. I have had communication with Mike and Darren today, you have a great team! 

Just a quick update on the cab/etc. We are planning to have the cab primed again by tomorrow. Most if not all of the rust repair should be finished today, including that ugly rust-through above the windshield. It’s going well!  

Caleb agreed to assign an instructor from another department and his duty will be to work (under my supervision) on the truck full time with help from student volunteers, Wayne and myself. That is good news that will help keep this moving along and get the chassis/cab/etc to you asap! 

Thanks again and see you soon,




Thanks for the update and please tell Galeb thank you for providing additional resources for this project.

I got another call today from a guy wanting to help on the interior so we are putting our list together for the “Colorado Team” and are looking forward to helping out as well.

Remember if your team needs anything at all just ask.



We have also received more offers to help. Curt August has some half moon Apache hubcaps he has offered to donate, and Tina Rinehart, a veteran of the US Army who served as a mechanic, has offered her mechanical expertise. Thanks to both of you!

Kent Stevinson


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