Wonderful Article Courtesy of StreetSideAuto.com

We here at the Captain Hays Apache Project are grateful for the support from Craig Schmutzler and StreetSideAuto.com, an online supplier of performance parts and accessories. Their staff is comprised of real hands-on All-American automotive enthusiasts who take both pride and pleasure in providing best-in-class support and service to their customers.

Craig is the son of an Air Force veteran, and when he learned of the project, he sprang into action. Not only did he graciously offer us a $500 gift certificate and an ongoing 10% discount toward any parts we need to restore the Apache, Craig is also spreading awareness about Captain Hays’ story through StreetSideAuto.com’s Facebook page and this wonderful article published on their blog. We encourage all of you to click on the link, read the article, and check out StreetSideAuto.com. A hearty thank you goes out to Craig Schmutzler and everyone at StreetSideAuto.com!

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