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The final video.

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Hays Truck in Truckin’ Magazine!

The Chevy Apache has made it into Truckin’ magazine! We are very proud to have this honor and it is all thanks to our contributors and those involved with the truck.

Click the link below to read the article and see the amazing pictures.

Thank you!

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Presentation of the Restored ’59 Chevrolet Apache Truck

The presentation of the restored ’59 Chevrolet Apache Truck at WyoTech in Laramie, Wyoming on Saturday, November 19th to Terry Hays and the Hays family was an emotional event for everyone.   Terry and her daughters, Bethany and Eleanor, along with Bruce’s parents, Barbara and Leonard, were in attendance to accept the truck.  After speeches by MG Luke Reiner, Guy Warpness (WyoTech President), Kent Stevinson and the presentation of the first-ever Bruce Hays Memorial Scholarship to WyoTech student Kyle Hansen, a large overhead door opened and the truck was driven into the presentation by LTC Raymond Kent and escorted by members of the Army National Guard.  LTC Kent was involved since the very beginning of the restoration process so it was only fitting for him to be a direct witness to its maiden voyage.

Many thanks for the generosity of the Street Rod Division at WyoTech for planning the event and providing a delicious lunch for the 100 or so people who arrived to witness the unveiling on the wintery day zorb canada. The journey was not easy for those arriving from the south, as I-25 was closed from Wellington, north of Fort Collins, to the State line Saturday morning!  The event was made even more memorable by the participation of Major General Luke Reiner, the Adjutant General for Wyoming, who along with speaking at the event handed out military service coins to the members of Stevinson Chevrolet and WyoTech who worked so arduously on the truck the past eight months. Dave Delozier filmed the presentation for the “One Last Gift” series, which will air on 9News on both the 9 PM (Channel 20) and 10 PM (Channel 9) newscasts on Sunday, November 27th.  Kent Stevinson presented Dave with a Certificate of Appreciation during the ceremony for touching so many people with his story of Bruce Hays and the truck.

If you would like to send a note about the truck, the presentation or a note to the family, please feel free by clicking on the Forum tab on this website and following the registration instructions.  Once again, thank you very much to the companies and individuals who helped make the truck restoration possible.

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Truck Completion and Delivery

Our journey is nearing the end!

We’ve uploaded the latest restoration pictures of the Captain Hays 1959 Chevrolet Apache truck.

See the slideshow here!

It has been 8 months and the WyoTech technicians have been busy with the finishing touches and the truck is finally ready to present to Terry Hays and her family.  The presentation is taking place in Laramie, Wyoming at WyoTech on Saturday, November 19th and Dave Delozier will be airing the final segment of his series soon thereafter.  We’ve enjoyed bringing you news and information on the truck’s progress and are proud to see this project to its conclusion, at last delivering Captain Hays’ final gift to his wife.

We want to once again thank all of our contributors who generously gave their time and effort to the restoration.

Chevrolet and Chevrolet Service
April & Rico – O’Reilly Auto Parts, Firestone, CO
Curt August – CO
Tim Beachboard – Federal Hill Trading Co., Oxford, MA (
Dave & Jim – Carquest, Longmont, CO
Bobby Davenport – D&D Performance, Longmont, CO
Rob Davenport – D&D Performance, Longmont, CO
Spc. Charles Dunsmoor – Mexico, MO
Darin & Kari Harrington- Denver, CO
Wade Hilty – College Station, TX
Les & Cathi Hunter – OR
Chuy Nava – MSD Ignition
Big-O Tires – Centennial, CO
Thomas Sweet – Dynamik Auto Soundz, Longmont, CO (
Loren Waite – Centennial, CO
LMC Truck – Lenexa, KS
Jeff Maxwell – Off Road Ltd – Aurora, CO (
Ben Moore – Road Devils Car Club, Casper, WY
Terry Dunn – Casper, WY
Clayne Wardle – Rocky Mtn Filter Supply, LLC, Boise, ID
Craig Schmutzler –, Kansas City, KS (
David Bell – Quanta Products LLC., Rising Sun, MD (
Dan Noyes – Basics Etc. Corp., Golden, CO (
Jim Bonanno – Fleet Car Carriers, Commerce City, CO (
Chuck Goward – Meineke, Boulder, CO
Ron Lambert – Factory Motor Parts, Denver, CO
Pearl Motor Co. – Mexico, MO
Danny Cuno – Mexico, MO
Hervil’s Automatic Transmission Service – Mexico, MO
Melody’s – Mexico, MO
Ken Miller – Erie Auto Salvage, Inc., Dacono, CO
Jim Worden – Maxair Colorado, Englewood, CO
Ron Nelson – Auto Weave Upholstery, Denver, CO

Without all of you, this project would not be what it is today.

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Teaser shot!

Here is a quick teaser shot of the Apache Truck from our friends at WyoTech. We can’t wait to see the truck completed!

Hays Apache Teaser shot!

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September 16th Update!

Captain Hays Apache Contributors and Friends,

I want to thank you for your continued support of the Captain Hays Chevrolet Apache project. Even though the truck is nearing completion, I am still receiving requests from people asking how they can be involved. I am honored by everyone’s interest and devotion in helping us finish Captain Bruce Hays‘ gift.

The original presentation date to the Hays family was September 17th, 2011, which is the anniversary of Captain Bruce Hays’ death in Afghanistan. The Hays family was not able to make the trip to Laramie for the presentation this weekend, therefore we are pushing back the date into October. I will keep you informed of any changes as well as the final presentation date. The Apache is very near completion, and is currently up at WyoTech getting the finishing touches. Keep watch of this website for updates including pictures and video.

Once again, thank you for your support, and stay tuned for the final presentation date.


Kent P. Stevinson

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The engine roars, and we wave goodbye.

It has been a hectic month working tirelessly on the Apache truck in order to make the deadline we originally set.  After working through many technological hurdles trying to get the engine management system to communicate effectively with the ECU, the engine finally came to life sending thunderous joyful exhaust notes through the Stevinson Chevrolet service shop.  It was a great feeling and a true accomplishment for the technicians who stayed after work, week after week in order to complete the truck.  After going over the truck one more time to ensure our high standards were met, we loaded the truck into the hauler so Wyotech can finish the bodywork and paint.

Here is the video of the engine starting and some shots of the interior and dash.

The video of the technicians sending the truck off.  One of them drove the truck up to the trailer, and the other drove it into the trailer.  A reward for the hard work they put into this project.

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Progress on Captain Hays Apache

Hello everyone.  The Apache is making progress!


We have made great strides lately with the help of some amazing community members.  A special thanks must go out to Maxair in Englewood, Advance Auto Parts in Golden, and Performance Radiator.  The engine and transmission have been mounted in the truck, and are looking great Water Park.


In an effort to keep the calvary theme apparent in all aspects of the truck, we chose subtle upgrades like painting the engine block yellow, and adding yellow spark plug wires.


When we first envisioned the completed Apache, we knew it was going to be special.  In the interest of making this truck not only look great, but perform well for Bruce’s wife and kids, we chose to upgrade major components using modern technology.  Vehicles from the 50′s, did not have the same technology as the cars on the road today.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t integrate that technology on the Apache so that it has the same safety and comforts of modern vehicles.

Jim Worden, owner of Maxair in Englewood, volunteered his own time and labor to install the heat/air conditioning system and power steering lines.  His work is impeccable and without his help, the Apache would not be this far along in the build.  Thank you Jim!  The Apache will now stay very cool during the hot summer months and utilize the ease of power steering that we all take for granted.


Another person that has stepped up to further this project is Nick Wellmann of Advance Auto Parts in Golden.  He specked out the stainless steel braided fuel lines and multiple other items.  Nick has made several visits to our shop to help determine our parts needs and has done a tremendous job.  Thank you Nick!

As you can see the truck still needs much work and we are working fast.  The vendors and contributors of this project have been fantastic in understanding the time struggle on this project.  We continue to be amazed!

See the slideshow below for more pictures of the build.  Keep an eye for another update soon.

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Contributor Spotlight — Dan Noyes

The restoration of Captain Hays’ Apache pickup would not be possible without the support and efforts of people in the community. One such person is Dan Noyes, CEO, President, and Owner of Basics Etc. Rocky Mountain Corporation. Basics supplies fasteners, fuses, connectors, hangers, and all the “stuff” required to put the Apache together.

Dan was born in Laramie, and his best friend was in one of the first graduating classes from WyoTech. Dan is also a veteran himself, having served in the United States Navy. Obviously, he was more than willing to help out with the project in any way he could.

Mike Schultz, Operations Manager for Stevinson Autmotive, knows Dan and was talking with him one day. Mike was talking about the project, and Dan replied, “Mike, just tell me what you need.”

Through the efforts of Dan, and so many other people who have left their mark on this project, Captain Bruce Hays’ dream will be made into reality.

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Thank You to All our Servicemen and Women

We hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and want to thank all of our men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line in defense of this country.

We would also like to update the story of Specialist Charles Dunsmoor and his fellow community members in Mexico, Missouri who rebuilt the transmission in honor of Captain Bruce Hays. The transmission was donated and raffled off at D&D Performance’s 10th Anniversary Open House last Saturday. We are happy to announce that the transmission raised $700 for the Captain Bruce Hays Memorial Scholarship fund for veterans and their children attending WyoTech! If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund, just go to our Donations page and click on the PayPal button.

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